Mya bag by Red Riding Bow

Mya bag in stripy zebra

Cokotto Shop is pleased to bring you the Mya Bag, an original design by talented Red Riding Bow.
Shown in the picture above is Mya Bag in Stripy Zebra-MYB010.

Price : RM90.00
Material : Cotton fabric
Also available in variation below..

 Mya bag in knight blue-MYB002      Mya bag in coral grey-MYB003        Mya bag in mighty blue-MYB004          
Mya bag in knight blue Mya bag in coral grey Mya bag in mighty blue

Mya bag in heart purple-MYB005   Mya bag in active yellow-MYB006    Mya bag in choco brown-MYB007Mya bag in heart purple Mya bag in active yellow CIMG1273

Mya bag in dazzling black-MYB008   Mya bag in sporty pink-MY009     Mya bag in classic maroon-MY001
Mya bag in dazzling black Mya bag in sporty pink Mya bag in classic maroon

Buy now or visit our booth (no 99) at Laman Seri Bazaar to see the bags first and make your purchase.



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