Multi Purpose Pouch by Intanz Handmade


mpp1-phd mpp1-hp

Product Code : MPP0001
Material : Designer cotton
Price : RM25.00

This pouch can fits many things for your daily usage. It can fits a smart phone (Galaxy SL used in picture), a portable hard disc or a compact camera. Easily fits in your handbag, work bag or school bag.
Also available in other colors as shown below!

mpp0002 MPP0003 MPP0004
             MPP0002                             MPP0003                                MPP0004

MPP0005 MPP0006 MPP007
             MPP0005                             MPP0006                                MPP0007

MPP0008 MPP0009 MPP0010
            MPP0008                              MPP0009                                MPP0010

MPP0011 MPP0012 MPP0013
          MPP0011                                MPP0012                                MPP0013

Buy now or visit our booth (no 99) at Laman Seri Bazaar to see the item first and make your purchase.



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