I truely cannot decide between making a dress, a blouse or a pants for fareehah. I wanted to this and that for my daughter, but i feel that i have no time!how do one squeeze in time to sew for their loved ones?

The other day, while i was making the little pants for firas, fareehah kept asking me when i am going to sew one for her. I have traced the pattern for kabocha pants and a shirt for her to wear at day care,but i feel she does not have enough dress to wear.

Anyway this weekend is a busy one.Tonight i am going to the company dinner, which is a last minute decision!I am wearing my usual baju kurung to the dinner. ehek!

On Saturday we want to register fareehah and firas at a taska in seksyen 7, so started january they will have to adjust again to a new environment. (I hate to make them doing this!).I hope we won’t be moving anywhere at least for another 10 years after moving to our home at seksyen 7.(can my wish come true???)

On Sunday we are going to have a family day,and we have to bring a 3 kilos of cake with us!Hubby managed to buy a swim suit for firas.Hope my darlings can enjoy themselves and i hope we would managed to bring the cake safely to destination!

and me, keep looking at my fabric box and hope i could sew!


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