Otanjyoubi omedeto Atif!

Pachi-pachi…!This post dedicated to new mama Aida!…Congratulation on the newborn…!I already planned to make bB pantsfor the baby..its just I was waiting to know whether the baby is going to be a he/she…!At last!!its a HE with the name of ATIF…!Happy birthday baby!…so i was torn whether to make lots of pattern style…or a more boyish style…so I decided to make both for Atif!Lucky Atif…!Its not everyday aunty ain “memerah otak” to choose the best style for you..!hehehee…

I made these pants on Saturday..and finished it a few hours before visiting Aida….how efficient am I?ahahaha..so the first pants….is made from natural unbleached cotton,with cocoa fabric with blue polka dots…!the result!i love it very much…!!! ( n ihope aida like it too.!) … fareehah keep insisting that the pants was for firas!!…n I kept telling her its for aunty aida baby…hehehe..!owh, this time i finished all the edges with pinking shear (betul ke?)…i found it at jalan T.A.R…

Blue dotty

blue dotty rear

I really love the pants outcome…and i am glad i give it away…as my husband always said..”give to other people things that we really like as they will appreciate and love it as we do..”…giving things we love to the people we love n care…that is a good reason to sew right?..=)

okey…the other pants is blueey–greenish stripe pants with…almost the same theme color dotty…the pants color not so strikey…that is what i like about them…low profile color…but really pleasant to the eyes…i think he will look sooooo adorable in this pants…as I think the combination is quite unique…both fabric were bought at jalan T.A.R…

stripee bluishh

<There is a little glimps of japanese style in these fabric,don't you think?(or am i the only one who thinks so?)

So little Atif..that is the 2 pants for you…that you cannot find anywhere in the shops!maybe i will see atif wear those pants when he is a little bit bigger, as i made them in 3 to 6 months size….

we packed them in a small box, specially made by hubby..(ahaks!he was soo excited to make them!)…n a little note..from the CokottoHand family…n tied it with ribbon!


[Tadaaa!-forgot to take picture of box with ribbon]

maybe the pictures look weird because i was playing with picnik..!been using them on and off…since 2008..the best solution for my pictures!

last week was not a productive week for me..the whole family was down with really bad cough.hopefully can have something this week!


2 Responses to Otanjyoubi omedeto Atif!

  1. nurat says:

    walloo…terrer ngko jahit ek… untuk umur berapa bulan tuh…nampak macam besoor ajer…

    • honeyvaio says:

      montotnyer besor…hehe…3-6 bulan…firas skrg pakai size tu comel2 je muat kalau pakai ngan cd…baru belaja2 aje…hehehe…kat fareehah ari tuh wat size 2 thn…pjgkan kaki ikut fareehah…tp fareehah dah tak pakai pampers…roomy aje tang belakang tu..tp nampak comfy la dier pakai utk lompat2 bagai..

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