Hasil 2 hari cuti

kwang 3X….inilah hasilnya apabila ada cuti!Teringin nak wat matchy-matcy outfit for kakak n adek…but have no idea…since the gender difference…so at last made them bB pants..again!(did I told u how much i love this pants pattern?)so…i made them using ikea fabric…with big animal prints on them!ehehehe…looks cosy
to wear even as sleep pants..don’t u think?

Sibling bB pants

then today i made Fareehah another blouse!yey!but as u can see…i have not yet put buttons on it…wait till i get my snap button from mak home..(it has arrived!!!yey!)…its pinky2 this time….am thinking of making another version of this..with shorter sleeve…and cocoa-ey color…do u think it will turn out as nice as i imagined it in my head?will see..i make blouse for my daughter because she likes to wear pants!even when i made her a dress..she wants to wear it with a pants..so…let’s make blouse!

f.y blouse-2

f.y blouse

I forgot whether this fabric are japanese or english cotton..but they sure look beautiful to me!i bought it at jakel, when they first opened at seksyen 7 shah alam…glad that i bought them!

so…that is it…next monday back to work…in new company…as translator / admin…huuuu


4 Responses to Hasil 2 hari cuti

  1. Zura says:

    Gorgeousnesss!! Cantik2 dear, esp loving the blouse, kain cantik ala2 liberty print gitu 🙂

    • ain says:

      Terima kasih ! Glad there are someone out there thinks its nice…blouse tu sangat susah buat..maklumla baru belaja…byk lg yg kene perbaiki…liberty print tu ape ye…saya main beli aje kain..asalkan nampak cantik n sesuai ngan si kakak…hehehe..=D

  2. yumyum says:

    wah kak ain pun jahit eh?? hisasiburii..tau pasal cokotto from kak jannah 🙂 iinee bole buat pair look! nak baby boy jugakk huhu. now korg kat mana?


    • ain says:

      hi cik yum!
      jahit kerana sangat tensen melihat baju cun2 utk fareehah sgt mahal kat supa~…hehehe…tp jatuh centa plak kat aktiviti jahit-menjahit nih…ehehe…

      kitorang?dah balik mesia dah….skrg kat shah alam….

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