bB Bebe` Pants


yesterday managed to sew up a new pants for baby Firas..!!! made it from big butt baby pants pattern from made by rae…The first time I sew this pants it did not turn out right…but i read in Rae’s blog how to countermeasure this problem, and resew! The result…walla! I’m sooo in love in love with IT…I will definitely make more of these for firas..n maybe fareehah too…thinking of using 2 years pattern and lengthen the pants since fareehah is slim type of girl…maybe can fit into 2 years old pants…MAYBE….

front view bB pants

Stripe bB pants

bottom view bB pants

I guess I can cross this of the list! Hooreii!


6 Responses to bB Bebe` Pants

  1. Zura says:

    So cute! I’ve yet to try this pattern must do soon before Hanan is out of her diapers lol

  2. honeyvaio says:

    i have one month plus before this pants need to be upgraded to 6-9 months size…!..but then it give me a reason to sew..=P

  3. Naza says:

    Hi! Love the pants. I just bought the BBB pants pattern but haven’t tried sewing it yet. Hope mine will turn out beautiful like yours 🙂

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