Mug Coaster ::Wedding gift Putra-Leen::

Sewing list upadeted!Finished the coasters of 6 for Putra and Leen wedding…small gift for the newly wed!
Coaster made using fabric from IKEA and Jakel.





I hope they liked it, because I enjoyed making it!
Hubby said maybe next time we will do more handmade gifts for our friends!yey!


4 Responses to Mug Coaster ::Wedding gift Putra-Leen::

  1. Zoe says:

    oooh I could easily do that with supplies I have on hand!

  2. honeyvaio says:

    yes, it is easy to do..and great as gifts…you can also give it as house warming gift i think

  3. Liza A. says:

    Hi, are the pinkinsh fabric from Jakel?

  4. ain says:

    Yes,its from Jakel..Jakel has lots of beautiful cotton fabrics..!The price are also acceptable…I can spend hours there just looking at the fabrics…but when I bought the fabric it was the last 2m…but other colors are available i think..

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