Sweet cuffy blouse

I made new blouse for Fareehah…I called it sweet cuffy blouse…because the name in Japanese difficult to translate..and Fareehah looked sooo sweet wearing it!This is my first attempt making clothes with snap button,gather,collar and cuffs!…Got all sweaty making it but worth it!Fareehah even wore it going Raya at Yatok’s & KuE open house yesterday!yey!!!



Cute when worn collar UP or DOWN..!



Don’t really at the stage to sell my handmade clothes..but hubby gave idea to put our own brand onto our children handmade clothes!



8 Responses to Sweet cuffy blouse

  1. Ila says:


    solute you for the nice and cute blouse…
    congratulation!!! Ain:)

  2. ain says:

    yey!…tenkiu2…i’m also soo happy with the outcome!

  3. mai says:

    kawaiii! k.ain, camne wat tag tu? wat sendiri? teringin nk satu utk diri sendiri

  4. ain says:

    wat pakai iron on transfer paper..kat kedai stationary pon bole dapat…

  5. kshambles says:

    Well done, this is adorable

  6. ain says:

    thank you…and thanks to the awesome pattern and sewing instruction I managed to sew it up,yey!

  7. Zura says:

    salam. hi! cantiknya this top, I really like it! great job Ain! 🙂

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